The Fruit Street Fellowship

Up To This Point
the story so far

So Far: Will, Andraste, Garm, and Y’cono started our adventure running errands for a lord in Cormyr. Fate kept driving them east, eventually joining the “Fall of Stars” guild house, and taking on tasks for them. Witnessing an epic battle between the forces of good and evil, the gang was forced east in pursuit of more clues as to the events that transpired. Eventually they were joined by Reckshire and Hadinal. Coming to the town of Thurmaster, our adventurers accepted a mission to find and return an [apprentice] kidnapped days earlier. While in the keep tragedy befell will, andraste, garm, and others, including companion Splug, Many pits were fallen in, until finally facing the grand priest of Orcus, who was being used as a pawn in the service of Lloth. An Avatar of Lloth escaped into the mortal world, and the apprentice was dead at the end of the summoning ritual. Barely escaping the keep, the newest band of adventurers fled through the woods, back to Thurmaster to tell the old sage there of the sad news only to find it pillaged, the old and sick dead, the young missing and bodies of hobgoblins scattered among the wreck, all leading toward the slavers operating through the area and in the Thunderspire Labyrinth. The adventurers now rest before setting off to the Labyrinth.


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